LDC designs and manufactures cutting edge LED solutions with an emphasis on quality and delivering value. We believe we are your cost effective solution keeping the quality up to standard.

We’ve manufactured LED solutions focused on innovation, quality and providing superior service. Our aim is to supply components and technical data to your requirements. We offer luminaires in Complete, Populated or CKD form.

Our designs are in line with Zhaga allowing for flexibility of LED modules, making it easier for CKD form or for maintenance of complete/populated luminaires


As we do our designs around components of Zhaga, the flexibility is all yours when it comes to COB choice if you choose CKD form
Our Complete/Populated Luminaires will come with Bridgelux COB's, however, other brands may be requested by email and we will contact you.

We manufacture a wide range of the best LED solutions for a wide range of applications eg. Downlights, Spotlights Bulkheads. With our approach, we can deliver exactly what you need whilst choosing components to your specific requirement. The core of our business is – innovative design, superior quality and outstanding service.

Furthermore, we will give you exclusivity for certain regions, ensuring that you don’t have to compete against competitors on the same product.

We will, in conjunction with our clients develop new products with our expertise and fully at our tooling cost and give you full protection in your region.